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dog grooming shop
we have negotiated some great prices on selected
oster clippers and blades which we can pass on to
you for a strictly limited time. Up to 30% off!!!
Our brighton showroom is open monday to friday
(excluding bank holidays) or shop online

Dog Grooming Shop
shaving shop
a comprehensive range of shaving brushes, mugs,
bowls and shaving creams.
our brighton showroom is open Monday to Friday
or continue to shop online and stay safe

hairdressing shop
Authorised and approved Joewell stockist - we carry
good stocks of many of the most popular premium Joewell
haircutting scissors and all others are usually available
to order within 48 hours
our brighton showroom is open Monday to Friday
(excluding bank holidays) or shop online

Joewell Scissors
1919-2024 - over 100 Years of sales and servicing
Scissors and blades sharpening, clipper service and repair.

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Dog Grooming Shop

dog grooming shop
An extensive range of dog grooming equipment including clippers & blades, scissors, Mars Coat Kings, brushes, combs, shampoo, dryers and grooming tables.

Hairdressing Shop

A wide range of hairdressing clippers, blades & attachment combs, hairdressing scissors, hairdryers, tool & equipment bags and many more essential items.

Shaving Shop

Shaving Shop
Visit our shaving shop for traditional open Razors, safety razors, Strops, Shaving Brushes, Drip Stands, Mugs, Bowls and Shaving Creams. Also find some great gift ideas.

Sharpening & Repair

Scissors & clipper blade sharpening in our dedicated Brighton workshops. Also clipper & dryer servicing/repairs. All work carried out in-house by our own skilled team.

Dog Grooming Clippers

dog grooming clippers
A wide range of professional & pet dog grooming clippers from Aesculap, Andis, Heiniger, Oster & Wahl. All backed with our many years of experience of all clipper models.

Dog Clipper

Dog Clipper Blades
Dog clipper blades from leading manufacturers, Aesculap, Andis, Heiniger, Oster & Wahl as well as other less common manufacturers - we have, literally, hundreds of blades to choose from!

Hairdressing Clippers

hairdressing clippers
We are stockists of the full range of Wahl clippers, as well as other makes including Aesculap, Oster, Andis and Thrive. Corded & cordless hair clippers and trimmers for professional and home use.


slicker and pin brushes
A comprehensive range of shaving brushes from world-famous brands including Simpsons, Progress Vulfix and Kent. Badger, bristle and synthetic brushes available.

Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog Grooming Scissors
An extensive range of dog grooming scissors to suit all budgets; from premium professional scissors to modest pet grooming scissors. We have something for everyone.

Mars Coat

Mars Coat Kings
One of our most popular grooming tools. Simply rake through the coat to remove loose and dead hair. Also an easy alternative to traditional hand-stripping.

Hairdressing Scissors

Hairdressing Scissors
We are approved stockists for Joewell offering their entire range but also stock many other world-famous brands with a wide price range for professional or home use.

Shaving Mugs & Bowls

Shaving Mugs & Bowls
An attractive collection of shaving mugs or bowls in porcelain, pewter or wood in a range of colours to suit all decors. Most supplied with shaving soap. An ideal gift idea.

Hairdressing Accessories

hairdressing gowns
Hairdressing accessories such as gowns, neck guards and neck brushes.

Equipment Bags

tool equipment bags
A range of tool and equipment bags for dog groomers and hairdressers.

Hairdressing Brushes

hairdressing brushes
Shop for a range of hairdressing brushes from Kent, Mason & Pearson, Isinis and more

Dog Grooming Dryers

dog hand and stand dryers
A range of hand dryers and stand dryers for any dog grooming parlour.

Razors and Strops

razors and strops
A range of top quality open and safety razors and strops for shaving and barbers.

Travel Shaving Accessories

travel shaving accessories
A range of shaving brushes with travel tubes, travel bags and other travel shaving items.

Dog Grooming Clipper Blades

dog grooing clipper blades
A range of clipper blades and attachment combs for dog grooming clippers.

Hairdressing Clipper Spare Parts

hair clipper spare parts
Spare parts for a range of hairdressing clippers including Oster, Wahl and Thrive clippers.
Special offers

Dog Grooming Special Offers

dog paw care kit
This month's special offers for dog grooming tools and salon equipment. We change our offers regularly so keep checking!

Hairdressing Special Offers

This month's special offers for professional hairdressing tools and salon equipment. Keep checking for new offers!

Shaving Shop Special Offers

This month's special offers for shaving tools, razors and strops. Check back regularly for the latest sale items.

All Package Deals & Gifts

See all of our package deals and gifts set - a great way to save money on all of the tools you need!


Find out which Mars Coat King is recommended for your dog breed


Everything you need to know about dog grooming scissors


Help choosing your Wren kennel heater, including dog breed guides


Guide to a range of animal grooming clippers for different uses

Clipper Blade Care

A guide to looking after your clipper blades and attachments.

Shaving Brush Guide

A guide to the range of shaving brushes and different fills.


Guide to a range of hairdressing clippers, blades and attachments.

Scissor Components

Guide to the various components of scissors and types of scissors
We pride ourselves on giving both great customer service and after-sales service and provide a scissors & clipper blade sharpening service, as well as servicing & repairs for clippers, hairdryers and stand dryers.

At our Brighton workshop, our skilled team can sharpen, service or repair most makes of dog grooming clipper, hairdressing clipper, hairdryers, stand dryers, blades and scissors to help you keep your equipment in tip-top shape without the need to replace it. Sharpening starts from as little as £5.60 and servicing usually costs between £10 and £30 depending on the model, plus any replacement parts required. If we feel repair may be uneconomic, we will provide an estimate before proceeding with the work.
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