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Dog Health & Hygiene

Dog health and hygene products avaliable at Diamond Edge

We provide a plethera of health and hygene products to help improve your dog's quality of life

A healthy dog is a happy dog

Our expert knowledge on the dog grooming world also extends into the health and wellbeing side to pet care! We have gathered a variety of essential pet care items all to help your dog stay at the pinnacle of health - with items such like dental care, eye and ear products, shampoos plus nail and coat maintenance.

Why not check out our varied selection of grooming tools or our collection of dog grooming books?

Dog Shampoos

Dog ShampoosWe stock dog shampoos for all breeds, coats & events, including brands such as Oster, Wahl and Diamond Edge. Shop now!

Dog Coat Care

Dog Coat CareA range of coat care items, from tick hooks and flea combs, to detangling spray and chalk.

Nail Grooming

Nail GroomingNail clippers for dogs including guillotine nail clippers, dog nail grinders, claw scissors & heavy duty cutters.

Dental Hygiene

Dental HygieneDental care kits, teeth scalers and dog teeth cleaning kits - shop now!

Eye Care

Eye CareEye care products for dogs including hygienic wipes and tear stain removers.

Ear Care

Ear CareShop for dog ear care kits and forceps for dog hair removal - see the full range here.