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Dog Grooming Tools

Shop for a huge variety of Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Grooming Tools - Combs

We offer a wide range of dog grooming tools, including combs, de-matting tools, slicker, pin brushes, bristle brushes & many other essential tools for dog grooming. 

Buy Professional Dog Grooming Tools

You're looking for the best dog grooming tools? Shop with Diamond Edge for quality products, from leading brands like Mars Coat King and Mikki Pet. Take care of dogs and keep them looking their best thanks to our broad range of grooming tools.

You may also be interested in discovering our range of Dog Grooming Scissors & Dog Grooming Clippers.

Dog Combs & Rakes

Dog Combs & RakesDog grooming combs and rakes from brands such as Spratts, Aaronco, Resco, Wahl, Mikki and HiCraft.

Dog Coat De–matting Tools

Dog Coat De–matting ToolsDog coat de-matting tools from fantastic brands such as Mikki, Aaronco and more!

Mars Coat Kings and Stripping Knives

Mars Coat Kings and Stripping Knives Shop for the popular Mars Coat King & Stripping Knives - one of the most popular grooming tools for removing dog undercoat and dead hair.  Read our dog breed guide or our general Mars Coat King product guide.

Slicker & Pin Dog Brushes

Slicker & Pin Dog BrushesHuge variety of slicker & pin brushes including curved and flat slicker brush, rubber studs, pin brushes & pneumatic pin brushes.

Bristle Dog Brushes

Bristle Dog BrushesThe full range of dog grooming Bristle brushes including nylon brushes, porcupine, wild boar and natural brushes.