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Dog Kennel Heaters

Buy kennel and cattery heaters online

Our range of Kennel and Cattery heaters come in various different packages each suited best for you.

How to choose my kennel and cattery heater?

We offer a range of different wattage elements for our Wren kennel heaters, each suited to different breeds and size of kennel. No need to run a 250W element if a 150W will suffice in a smaller, well-insulated kennel.

Choosing and installing the correct heating system for your cattery or kennel can be a big decision. We have provided some guidance to make the installation as easy as possible: Choosing a heating system for your cattery or kennel Dog breed guide for Wren Heating Systems Regulating heating power Exclusive range of Wren heater lamps

£ 69.00
Wren Standard Kennel and Cattery Heater
Kennel and cattery heater by the Wren brand.
£ 17.90
Wren Standard Kennel and Cattery Heater Elements
Heating elements for kennels and catteries, to fit the Wren standard model.

£ 74.00
Wren Midi Kennel Heater
A sturdy kennel heater of a large size.
£ 202.80
Dimplex PLX panel heater 1.5kw
Efficient heater for kennel buildings with timer
£ 249.60
Dimplex PLX panel heater 3kw
Powerful heater for kennel and catteries with timer
£ 61.50
Dimplex ECOT tubular heater
Unobtrusive heater for passageways and corridors
£ 102.90
Dimplex ECOT tubular heater with guard
Unobtrusive heater, with safety guard for passageways and corridors
£ 50.90
Energy Regulator for Kennel and Cattery Heating Installations
Energy regulator saves money by reducing running costs.
£ 15.90
RCD socket for earth leakage protection of Kennel and Cattery heaters
Earth leakage protection for kennel and cattery heaters.
£ 31.80
Timeguard plug-in thermostat for automatic control of Kennel and Cattery Heaters
Automatic temperature control for kennel and cattery heaters.