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Dog Grooming Clipper Blades & Attachment Combs

Buy Dog Grooming Clipper Blades online

Our extensive range of Dog Grooming clipper blades come in a wide variety of sizes to suit most of the clippers available for the optimum grooming experience.

Which dog grooming clipper blades are best for me?

If you are looking for professional grade clipper blades then look no further - our wide range of blades are available in a vast array of lengths for different types of grooming - and with a great selection of high end brands such as Wahl, Andis, Aesculap, Oster and more you are guarenteed only the best of the best.

If you are in any doubt that the blade you have selected is correct for your model, please contact us and we can help.Look after your clipper blades for an optimum life span - read our guide on clipper blade care.

Do you have old, trusty blades that you don't want to get rid of? Well good news! We at Diamond Edge have been sharpening blades and scissors since our founding in 1919 and can use our years of experience to make your beloved blades cut like new! Click here for our age perfected sharpening services.

Aesculap Clipper Blades

Aesculap Clipper BladesReplacement clipper blades & attachment combs for Aesculap dog grooming clippers.

Andis Clipper Blades

Andis Clipper BladesReplacement clipper blades & attachment combs for Andis dog grooming clippers.

Heiniger Clipper Blades

Heiniger Clipper BladesPremium quality Swiss clipper blades for Heiniger dog grooming clippers.

Oster Clipper Blades

Oster Clipper BladesReplacement clipper blades & attachment combs for Oster dog grooming clippers.

Show Tech Clipper Blades

Show Tech Clipper BladesWide Snap-on blades for A5 style clippers and adjustable clipper blades for Show Tech Experto clipper

Thrive Clipper blades

Thrive Clipper bladesReplacement clipper blades & attachment combs for Thrive dog grooming clippers.

Wahl and Moser Clipper Blades

Wahl and Moser Clipper BladesReplacement clipper blades & attachment combs for Wahl & Moser dog grooming clippers.