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Dog Grooming Tables

Buy Dog Grooming Tables online

Our range of dog grooming tables vary in size ready to accommodate any size and breed of dog, essential for any professional groomer.

How to choose my Dog Grooming Table?

If you're looking for professional dog grooming table, you need to be mindful of the size of dog each table can accommodate. There is also a range of grooming posts and frames on offer to secure the dog whilst being groomed.

Want the most efficient professional dog grooming workspace? Then also check out our range of stand dryers for premium quality dog grooming equipment.

£ 33.50
Tholo Dog Grooming Table Leg Extension Set
Adds 6" to working height of table - for large and medium Tholo tables only.
£ 595.00
Aeolus hydraulic grooming table (FT804)
Professional height adjustable hydraulic table
£ 725.00
Aeolus Electric grooming table (FT806)
Professional height adjustable Electric table
£ 75.00
Aeolus Grooming frame
Adjustable holding frame for easy grooming of restless dogs
£ 4.60
Belly strap & chain
Fully adjustable, to prevent the dog sitting down during grooming.
£ 54.30
Aeolus Grooming post
Adjustable grooming post for easy control while grooming.
£ 6.50
Aeolus Grooming halter, black
Fully adjustable strap for grooming posts and frames.
£ 6.50
Aeolus Grooming Halter
Adjustable grooming strap for grooming posts and frames.
£ 5.50
Spare halter
Adjustable clip-on strap for grooming posts and frames.