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Mars Coat King Product Guide

Dog Coat Stripping

Stripping a dogs coat is the process of removing the dog hair that naturally dies and sheds, for most breeds this occurs around every six months. The coat of the dog comprises of two types of dog hair, the longer coarser hair that is the outer coat and the shorter softer hair found underneath. It is generally the coarser hair that sheds and needs to be removed to improve the appearance of the coat.

Stripping your dogs coat should be included in the regular grooming routine when the dog is shedding hair and in preparation for stripping the dogs coat always comb and brush the dog and carefully remove knots and tangles.

When purchasing your dog most breeders will happily advise on how to care for your puppy’s coat, so ask them about your pets coat care requirements.

The Mars Coat King

Mars Coat King Wooden Handle 
Wooden Handle
  Mars Coat King Plastic Handle
Plastic Handle
   Mars Coat King Spare Blade

The Mars Coat King is an easy to use, practical alternative to traditional hand stripping knives and provides a great finish to the dogs coat. The Mars Coat King has a range of blade size and grades to cover the requirements of the different breeds of dog and is made from quality German stainless steel blades available with a traditional wooden handle or plastic handle.

The table linked to below is a guide to the Mars Coat King that is suitable for popular breeds of dog, but in general terms the different Mars Coat Kings are used as follows;

Mars Coat King Medium 10 blade - for thick, wiry coats.

Mars Coat King Fine 12 blade - for coarse, wiry coats.

Mars Coat King Extra-fine 16 blade - for fine coats, or for finishing after the removal of the undercoat.

Mars Coat King Extra-fine 20 blade - for fine coats, or for finishing after the removal of the undercoat.

Mars Coat King Super-fine 26 blade - for fine, silky coats.

Mars Coat King Medium wide 18 blade - for thick, wiry coats on larger breeds.

Mars Coat King Fine wide 23 blade - for coarse, wiry coats on larger breeds.

Mars Coat King Extra-fine wide 30 blade -for fine coats, or for finishing after the removal of the undercoat on larger breeds.

Please view this Table Guide for the full Mars Coat King Guide and Specifications

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