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Other Dog Grooming Essentials

Dog Grooming essentials avaliable at Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge has almost all there is to dog grooming

You have the tricks to the trade, we have the tools.

Looking for storage methods for your blades? We have it. Travel accessories that are both fashionable and practical? We have it. The latest guides on dog grooming by the industry renown Sam Kohl? We have it!

Our selection of essentials stretch across a broad range of dog grooming categories for you to browse ar your pleasure.

Looking for specific tools? Scissors, clippers and grooming tools are all avaliable here.

Equipment Bags

Equipment BagsEquipment bags for mobile pet grooming - in various shapes, sizes and patterns!


StorageStorage for dog grooming equipment such as clipper blade holders.

Dog Grooming Books

Dog Grooming BooksProfessional dog grooming books about running dog grooming parlours, kennels and dog posters.

Other Essentials

Other EssentialsMiscellaneous dog grooming equipment and tools.

Equipment Sterilisers

Equipment SterilisersSterilisers for your dog grooming tools, including ultra-violet sterilisation cabinets in different sizes.

Electric Fans.

Electric Fans.Electric fans to keep air circulating in your dog grooming parlour or at home.

Dog Grooming Baths

Dog Grooming BathsDog grooming baths for use in salons - for professional dog groomers.