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Hand & Stand Dryers

Buy Dog Grooming dryers online

Our range of Dog Grooming dryers are avaliable as portable hand dryers and  practical stand dryers

How to choose my Dog Grooming dryer?

We provide various different dryers for you to choose from, each to professional standards of use with multiple speed settings - with various reliable brands such as Aeolus and Simpsons dryers we offer you only the best to complement your grooming.

Whats the use of a dryer when you haven't washed the dog yet? See our full range of professional grade dog grooming shampoo here!

£ 495.00
Simpsons Supajet Extra Dog Dryer
World famous Simpsons dog dryer - 2600W
£ 579.00
Aeolus TD906 Stand dryer
Stand dryer with variable heat and speed
£ 170.60
Aeolus TD901 Dog Blaster and Dryer
Variable speed blaster/dryer with warming heating element
£ 44.60
Aeolus TD901 wall mounting bracket
Allows TD901 blaster/dryer to be wall-mounted above the bathing area
£ 111.40
Aeolus TD901 floor stand
Height adjustable floor stand for TD901 blaster/dryer, wheeled for utility
£ 199.90
PetLogic Atom Dog Blaster and Dryer
Variable speed blaster/dryer with warming heating element
£ 202.50
Aeolus TD901GT Dog Blaster and Dryer
High-powered variable speed blaster/dryer with warming heating element
£ 293.30
Aeolus TD900X Hercules Blaster
Twin motor blaster for high-speed dog drying
£ 470.00
Simpsons Tornado Dog Blaster/Dryer
Combination dryer and blaster for rapid drying of dog coats - 2100W
£ 83.50
Parlux Superturbo 2800 hairdryer, black
Powerful 1760W professional hairdryer.
£ 47.20
ETI Turbo hairdryer, black
Professional 1500W hairdryer.
£ 44.00
ETI Turbo hairdryer, pink
Professional 1500W hairdryer.