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Dog Grooming Books

£ 49.50
All Breed Dog Grooming Guide - 4th Edition. Sam Kohl
Comprehensive grooming guide for grooming 193 different breeds.
£ 61.90
Notes from the Grooming Table Vol 2 - Melissa Verplank
Comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to grooming 168 breeds.
£ 31.90
Theory of 5, Melissa Verplank
Simplified grooming guide for everyday pets.
£ 37.90
Business Guide to Pet Grooming, 3rd Edition - Kohl
Handy guide with hints and tip on running a successful grooming business
£ 26.90
The Mobile Pet Grooming Guide Book
Essential Guide for the mobile groomer.
£ 37.90
The Terrier Grooming Chart book - Sam Kohl
Includes instructions for the special care and current styling trends for all terrier coats.
£ 23.90
Boarding Kennel Management - Kohl
Essential guide with useful advice on running a successful boarding kennel business
£ 32.90
Cat Grooming Guide, 3rd Edition - Kohl
An introduction to grooming cats, a new service for groomers to offer.
£ 11.90
(-28.57%) £ 8.50
Dog Training Made Easy
Practical guide to getting the perfectly behaved pet.
£ 11.90
Puppy Raising Made Easy
Everything you need to know to turn your new puppy into the perfect pet.
£ 18.90
(-25.03%) £ 14.17
All About Dog Shows - USA - Kohl
Spectator's guide to enhance understanding and enjoyment of dog shows
£ 34.90
Mutt Styling Guide - Thompson
An inspirational guide with ideas for grooming cross-breeds.