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Shaving Brushes & Razors

Buy Shaving Razors and brushes from Diamond Edge

Shaving brushes, Razors and Strops all avaliable for sale

What is the best shaving tools for me?

With such a vast range of shaving products it can be hard to decide which is the best product suited for your needs, however there is no wrong option! With many specialist brands such as Vulfix and Kent and many pure badger bristle brushes, even straight razors from timor - everything is quality assured.

Not sure which shaving brush to buy? Read our complete guide to shaving brushes to help you make the right decision!

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Diamond Edge Shaving Brushes

Diamond Edge Shaving BrushesOur new Diamond Edge shaving brushes offer fine quality badger hair at very attractive prices. Click here to view the range of brushes we offer.

Simpsons Shaving Brushes

Simpsons Shaving BrushesSimpsons have a worldwide reputation for quality with a very broad range of styles and sizes. Click here to view the range of brushes we carry.

Progress Vulfix Shaving Brushes

Progress Vulfix Shaving BrushesProgress Vulfix offer fine quality shaving brushes at very attractive prices. Click here to view the range of brushes we offer.

Kent & Mason Pearson Shaving Brushes

Kent & Mason Pearson Shaving BrushesGB Kent offer a premium range of fine quality shaving brushes.Mason Pearson shaving brushes of the exceptional quality you would expect from this famous brush manufacturer. Click here to view the brushes we offer.

Razors & Strops

Razors & StropsA range of top quality open and safety razors and accessories.Click here to see the full choice.