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Dog Showing, Travel, Training and Grooming aids

Dog training goods here at Diamond Edge

To train your dog you first need the tools to do so

The correct tools make training your dog easy

Dogs can be unpredictable creatures but with Diamond Edge's selection of training goods, collars and leashes you can wrangle a bit more control over your beloved pets.

Searching for other helpful items? Check our essential goods section!

£ 13.30
Show Tech Paw Wax 50g
An anti-slip paw protection wax.
£ 8.20
Wahl Refresh large cleaning wipes
Easy cleaning from Head to Tail, choice of scents.
£ 11.90
(-28.57%) £ 8.50
Dog Training Made Easy
Practical guide to getting the perfectly behaved pet.
£ 11.90
Puppy Raising Made Easy
Everything you need to know to turn your new puppy into the perfect pet.
£ 19.90
Shoulder bag for tools and accessories
Strong and practical shoulder bag ideal for mobile hairdressers and groomers.
£ 4.10
Travel Poop Bag Holder with 15 bags
The biodegradable bags are the greenest way to clean up after your dog.
£ 4.50
Travel Poop Bag Refill, 4 x 15 bag rolls
Replacement biodegradable bags for the Travel Poop Bag Holder.
£ 13.50
(-34.81%) £ 8.80
Mikki Car Harness
Keeps dog safe whilst travelling in a car.
£ 5.30
(-52.83%) £ 2.50
Collapsible silicon travel bowl, large
An essential part of your travel or show bag for food or drink.
£ 3.80
(-55.26%) £ 1.70
Collapsible silicon travel bowl, small
Ideal for days out and shows for a quick drink for your dog.
£ 1.50
Show card clip
Keep show cards secure and easily visible.
£ 12.90
Show Tech Padded Grooming strap, small
Comfortable, fully adjustable, to prevent the dog sitting down during grooming.