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Dog Grooming Clipper Guide

Dog Grooming Clippers – Diamond Edge advises …..

As with selecting any equipment, the first question to answer is what do you want the clippers to do? Professional dog groomers or breeders will require robust professional clippers that are able to be used for long periods and have quick and easy to change blades to allow the clipping of all types of dog to any length required.

A pet owner with the need for occasional light use should only require a domestic clipper, however for breeds with dense and long coats, or if you have several dogs, selecting a professional machine may be a better choice.

When considering which clipper to buy, the comfort of the grip, noise level and weight are all factors in determining the right clipper for you.

Clipper Components

Clipper Components



Professional Clippers

Rotary motor clippers which have enough power to keep driving the blades through the thickest coat. Wide range of blade sizes available which may be changed quickly and efficiently. Many are air-cooled, enabling them to be used for long periods without over heating and have removable filters to keep the hair from the inside of the machine. Shop our full range of Professional Dog Grooming Clippers.

Domestic Pet Clippers

Not as powerful as the professional machines, these have either sealed motors or very quiet electro-magnetic drives suitable for home use on a few dogs. However, if your dog has a particularly heavy or dense coat, consider choosing a professional package from our range to speed up the job and limit the strain on you and your dog. Limited range of blade sizes available - longer clipping lengths may be obtained by using clip-on plastic attachment combs. No cooling system as a rule, so they are unsuitable for extended periods of use. 

Click here for our full range of Domestic Pet Clippers.

Cordless Clippers

Rechargeable or battery powered clippers and trimmers. The clippers will give professional clipping results without being tethered to a trailing mains lead, and the smaller trimmers are suitable for detailed work and tidying up ready for the show ring. The larger clippers have interchangeable blades, and spare battery packs are available to ensure you can keep a fully charged battery to hand. Shop our full range of Cordless Clippers.

Horse Clippers

Larger clippers with more power to drive the wider blades essential for clipping larger animals. Mains powered clippers provide the most power, but cordless options are available for use away from a power supply. A choice of different size blades is available for most models to suit any requirements. Shop our range of Horse Clippers.

Clipper Blades

Clipper Blade Components

Clipper Blade Components

Usually supplied as a set, comprising an upper and lower blade. The lower blade is fixed, and the upper blade performs the cutting action. There is a wide variety of blades on the market, which allow precision in cutting the animals' coat to the desired length. The blades vary in length from skin-close surgical blades for veterinary use up to 16mm (¾") long body blades. The most popular sizes for general use will be a close cutting blade (size 10 or approximately 2mm) for trimming face and feet, and a body blade for leaving a longer length to the coat (typically a size 7 (5mm)or 5 (7mm)). Many manufacturers offer two types of body blades; skiptooth (with staggered teeth), or full tooth. The full tooth blade will give a smoother finish to the clipped coat, but the skiptooth version will be easier to use on thick or curly coats. The ranges of blades available may be found with the clippers in our online shop. Shop our range of clipper blades and attachment combs.

Attachment Combs

Attachment Comb

If the longest cutting blades available will still not give the required length of clip, plastic attachment combs up to 35mm (1½") may be used. These will normally fit on the shorter cutting blades up to about 2mm in length. However, the long teeth of the comb have to pass easily through the coat for the blade to reach the hair and cut it cleanly - as such they may not be suitable for particularly dense or curly coats.

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