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Hairdressing Clippers

Buy Hairdressing clippers online from Diamond Edge

Our range of Hairdressing clippers covers a vast selection of brands, machines.

Which Hairdressing clippers do I need?

If you want professional grade hairdressing clippers, our wide selection of trustworthy brands including Aesculap, Andis, Oster, Wahl and more should sate your desire for the best, from cordless to multispeed - the perfect choice for anyone, perfect for professional or home use.

Look after your clipper blades for an optimum life span - read our guide on clipper blade care.

Don't forget about your pre-existing clipper machines either! If your old machines need a little loving attention, check out our clipper machine repair service - we will have your old machines running like new again!

Wahl Hairdressing Clippers

Wahl Hairdressing ClippersWahl is probably the first name in professional hairdressing clippers. They offer a wide selection of clippers and trimmers, both mains-powered and rechargeable. Click here to see the range we carry.

Hairdressing Clippers with Detachable Blades

Hairdressing Clippers with Detachable BladesFor busy professional salons, clippers with a range of quick and easy-to-change blades of different sizes provide maximum versatility for all clipping requirements.Click here to view the range of clippers and blades available.

Hairdressing Clippers with Fixed Blades

Hairdressing Clippers with Fixed BladesThe most commonly used type of clipper with different sizes of attachment combs available to provide the necessary cutting length.Click here to view the range of clippers available.

Hairdressing Trimmers

Hairdressing TrimmersA selection of cordless and mains-powered trimmers for detailed work and finishing.Click here to view our range of trimmers.

Cordless Hairdressing Clippers & Trimmers

Cordless Hairdressing Clippers & TrimmersA range of rechargeable clippers and trimmers to provide freedom from a power cable.Click on the picture to view our range of cordless clippers.