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Wahl Hairdressing Clippers

Many of the clipper machines we sell are available with a choice of additional blades starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of blades available and prices.

£ 6.20
Wahl clipper Oil
Fine oil for clipper blades. 113ml, 4 oz.
£ 170.10
Wahl Senior Cordless clipper
Powerful cordless clipper with thin profile blade for closer cutting
£ 101.30
Wahl Cord/cordless Super Taper
Powerful cord/cordless clipper with standard Wahl Super Taper blades and attachments
£ 132.30
(-25.00%) £ 99.22
Wahl Cord/cordless Magic clipper
Powerful cord/cordless clipper with ultra-fine blades and attachments
£ 124.90
Wahl Legend Hair clipper
Super Taper style clipper with powerful V9000 motor for superior cutting ability
£ 97.90
Wahl Icon Hairdressing Clipper
Super Taper style clipper for heavy use.
£ 73.10
Wahl Taper 2000 Hairdressing Clipper
Higher powered Super Taper clipper.
£ 65.90
Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper
Probably the most widely used professional clipper in use.
£ 126.90
Wahl Super Taper hairdressing clippers PLUS Super trimmer
The most popular hairdressing clipper on the market with matching rechargeable trimmer.
£ 75.60
Wahl 5 Star "Magic" Clipper
Super Taper style clipper with adjustable balding blade.
£ 66.80
Wahl 5 Star Balding Clipper
Super Taper style clipper with fixed balding blade.
£ 44.30
Wahl Pro-Clip Hairdressing Clipper
Suitable for light professional use.