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Hairdressing Accessories & Essentials

Hairdressing essentials supplied by Diamond Edge

Our vast array of hairdressing essentials should sate any hairdresser's desire for a complete toolset

Hairdressing tools needed by every professional

We provide all the basics needed by hairdressers everywhere; neck guards, hairdressing gowns, storage spaces for your tools, razors and even a sterilising machine - to kit out your business with the real deal look no further!

But for actual tools to cut hair, try our seletion of high quality hairdressing scissors, clipper machines and clipper blades.

Cutting Collars, Gowns, Neck Brushes & Spray Bottles

Cutting Collars, Gowns, Neck Brushes & Spray BottlesEssentials for any busy salon, click here to see our full range.

Equipment Bags

Equipment Bags

With various colours and brands to choose from, view our range of hairdressing equipment bags by clicking here.

Razors & Shapers

Razors & ShapersClick here to view our range of razors and shapers - Note: While we can sharpen tools, we cannot sharpen razors at our facility however we can send them to a facility which can.

Other Salon Equipment.

Other Salon Equipment.Other salon equipment such as sterilisers, electric fans, clipper holders, barbers poles and carry cases.