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Razors & Shapers

Some of the razors we sell are available in a choice of designs starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of designs available and prices.
£ 16.50
Ama Occam razor
High quality razor blades available in a selection of attractive finishes.
£ 8.25
Ama Occam razor spare blades, pack of 10
Feather Styling blades, easy & smooth cutting.
£ 5.00
(-44.00%) £ 2.80
Click n Cut Razor with 2 blades
Hair-shaping razor with disposable blades.
£ 9.60
Click n Cut Shaving blades
Pack of 10 replacement shaving blades
£ 6.90
AMA shaper
Disposable blade hair shaping razor
£ 6.75
AMA shaper, plastic handle
Disposable blade hair shaping razor
£ 5.30
AMA Shaper Feather-Cut Special Blades (platinum coated edge)
Spare Feather-Cut Special blades for AMA shaper. Platinum coated edge.
£ 4.90
Feather Safety Razor Blade (10)
Double-sided, platinum-coated safety razor blades.
£ 5.90
Timor Safety Razor Blade (10)
Double-sided, stainless steel safety razor blades.
£ 44.90
Feather Safety razor
Adjustable double edge razor which takes traditional safety razor blades.
£ 10.50
Bluebeards Revenge Disposable blade razor
Bluebeards Revenge razor which takes safety razor blades
£ 190.00
Feather Artist Club DX Disposable Blade Razor
Premium quality razor with a stainless steel blade carrier and resin handle. Spring mounted blade release.