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Cutting Collars, Gowns, Neck Brushes & Spray Bottles

£ 8.10
Magnetic Cutting Collar
Magnetic fastening for easy adjustment.
£ 11.40
Zebra Print Cutting Collar
Easy-clean, waterproof with weighted flaps.
£ 9.60
Hair Tools Hot wash gown
Re-useable 100% Polyester gown, can be washed at 60C
£ 12.00
Tint-proof Hairdressing gown, black
Waterproof and tint proof gown.
£ 15.30
Zebra print Hairdressing gown
Attractive animal print gown.
£ 10.50
Children's Aeroplane patterned cutting gown
Polyester cutting gown with a fun aeroplane print.
£ 10.50
Children's Unicorn patterned cutting gown
Polyester cutting gown with a eye-catching unicorn print.
£ 9.90
Jelly Apron, wave pattern
Waterproof apron with attractive wave pattern.
£ 4.40
Traditional Neck Brush
Wood handle, nylon bristles.
£ 10.00
Blue 'n' Black Neck Brush
Attractive nylon neck brush.
£ 8.00
Silver Neck Brush
Eye-catching silver handle with fine nylon bristles.