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Hairdressing Clippers with Fixed Blades

£ 92.30
Wahl Icon Hairdressing Clipper
Super Taper style clipper for heavy use.
£ 56.30
Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper
Probably the most widely used professional clipper in use.
£ 67.10
Wahl Taper 2000 Hairdressing Clipper
Higher powered Super Taper clipper.
£ 67.10
Wahl 5 Star "Magic" Clipper
Super Taper style clipper with adjustable balding blade.
£ 57.50
Wahl 5 Star Balding Clipper
Super Taper style clipper with fixed balding blade.
£ 42.00
Andis US-1 Fade hairdressing clipper
Fast running clipper with adjustable blade length.
£ 64.50
Moser Primat 1230 Hair Clipper with coarse blade
Powerful and almost silent hair clipper.
£ 84.15
Oster 606 Pro Power hair clipper
Mains powered professional hair clipper