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Dental Hygiene

£ 14.30
Dog Dental Care Kit - Large
Tooth cleaning kit including toothbrush, toothpaste and scaler.
£ 9.90
Dog Dental Care Kit - Small
Tooth cleaning kit including toothbrush and scaler.
£ 6.60
Double scaler
Double-ended tooth scaler for removing stubborn tartar.
£ 5.50
Single scaler
Single scaler for for removing stubborn tartar.
£ 5.70
Abbott dental hook scaler
Hook scaler for cleaning between teeth
£ 6.90
Safety tooth scaler
Stainless steel tooth scaler with rounded edge for safety.
£ 3.50
Dog Dental mirror, short neck
To help check that teeth and gums are clean and free from infection at the back of the mouth.
£ 3.50
Double-ended toothbrush
Small and large heads for easy tooth cleaning.
£ 5.40
Trio toothbrush
Three-sided toothbrush for quick and easy tooth cleaning
£ 7.30
Finger toothbrush/gum massager
Simply slip over the finger for quick tooth cleaning.
£ 5.90
Show Tech Dental wipes (100)
Handy wipes for clean teeth and fresh breath.
£ 10.20
(-37.25%) £ 6.40
Show Tech Denti-Dazzle spray
May be used as toothpaste or breath freshener.