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Hairdressing Clippers Guide

Clippers–Diamond Edge advises …..

As with selecting any equipment, the first question to answer is what do you want the clippers to do? Professional hairdressers doing more clipper cuts may consider a more powerful style of clipper that is able to be used for long periods, and have a range of quick change blades as well as attachment combs to allow clipping to any length required. However, the traditional barber may be happy with a less powerful machine for light trimming and lining out. Small cordless trimmers are also popular for detailed trimming.

Clipper Blades-Generally supplied as a pair with an upper and lower blade, the lower blade is fixed while the smaller upper blade performs the cutting motion.There is a wide choice of blade sizes available, particularly for the more powerful style of clipper with a rotary motor, whereas the smaller clippers with an electro-magnetic drive offer a choice of clipping length with the use of attachment combs.

Attachment Combs/Guards– Are plastic combs that are fixed to the blade to allow the cutting depth to be increased.

hairdressing clipper attachment comb

Aesculap size 4 clipper comb

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