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Shaving Mugs & Bowls

£ 24.00
Pottery Shaving Mug, white
Classic cream shaving mug with shaving soap.
£ 25.40
Pottery Shaving Mug, black
Supplied complete with shaving soap.
£ 25.90
Pottery Shaving Mug, red
Supplied complete with soap tablet.
£ 25.40
Pottery Shaving Mug, blue
Traditional shaving mug, complete with unscented shaving soap.
£ 43.20
(-20.60%) £ 34.30
Pewter Shaving Mug
Supplied complete with soap tablet.
£ 30.70
Bluebeard's Revenge Porcelain shaving bowl & soap
Attractive, stylish shaving bowl with soap.
£ 22.90
Pewter shaving bowl with soap
Traditional pewter shaving bowl.
£ 27.20
Kent SB6 Dark Oak Shaving Bowl with soap tablet
Luxury shaving soap in wooden bowl.
£ 10.50
Kent SB2 spare soap tablet
Luxury soap tablet for Kent shaivng bowls.
£ 5.40
Small shaving soap tablet
Replacement shaving soap.