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Clipper Blade Care

Storage and maintenance – As with any precision equipment a little simple maintenance of your clipper blades will ensure that they remain sharp for as long as possible and are always ready for use when you next need them.

After use brush out any hair and wipe the blades with a clean rag or paper towel. Lightly oil the blades, across the tips of the teeth in particular, and wipe off any excess oil. If the blades remain fixed to the clipper always re-fit the blade guard, if supplied, to prevent possible damage to the teeth. For removable cutterheads, once the blades have been cleaned and oiled, replace them in your blade box or rack. If you do not anticipate using the blade again for a while, wrap the blade in paper towel or clean rag which will, in time, become impregnated with oil and keep moisture at bay. Blades stored in damp and humid conditions can become corroded which will lead to a loss of cutting performance.

Clipper Blade Damage

Unfortunately it is almost inevitable that, at some time, your clipper and blades may be knocked to the floor and damaged. It is all too easy to catch a foot in a trailing clipper lead and pull everything onto the floor.

In some cases no damage will occur, but often the blades can become mis-aligned, begin to wobble on the clippers in use, or sustain damage to the teeth. Most problems can be resolved but, unfortunately broken teeth cannot be fixed. It may sometimes be possible to round off the broken tooth to enable the blade to be kept as a spare for emergency use. However extreme care should be taken when using a damaged blade. If in doubt, please send the blade to us for attention and we will advise if we feel that the blade is too badly damaged to be used safely. Problems with the cutting performance can also be caused by damaged teeth, as the hair can be dragged between the blades rather than cut cleanly.

 If you are experiencing any particular problems with the cutting performance of any of your blades then please send them, with an explanatory note, to the Diamond Edge Service Inspection and correction.

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