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Andis Hair Clipper Spare Parts

If you can't find the part you're looking for, send us an email with your requirements and we'll see if we can help.
£ 11.70
Andis AGC Service kit
Commonly used parts for maintaining your clipper.
£ 5.80
Andis AGC Carbon brushes, pair
Replacement carbon brush set.
£ 7.80
Andis blade drive assembly
Replacement drive assembly for Andis AGC, BGC and AG Electric clippers.
£ 18.60
Andis Cam assembly
Replacement cam assembly.
£ 33.30
Andis AGC Cable assembly
Replacement cable assembly.
£ 13.50
Andis Hinge
Replacement blade fitting hinge.
£ 1.90
Andis Latch
Replacement blade holding latch.
£ 27.80
Andis AGC Field coil
Replacement field coil.
£ 1.10
Andis AGC Oil seal
Replacement oil seal for field coil.
£ 11.20
Andis UltraEdge/CeramicEdge Blade spares kit
Keep your blades cutting efficiently.
£ 2.40
Andis UltraEdge socket for blade
Replacement blade socket for all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge clipper blades.
£ 0.60
Andis Blade guide
Replacement guide/wear strip for blades.