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Value and Specialist Hairdressing Combs

Many of the combs we sell are available in a choice of sizes and colours starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of sizes and/or colours available and prices.

£ 7.00
Hercules 631 Medium Waver
Medium waver hard rubber comb.
£ 4.50
(-31.11%) £ 3.10
Denman DCC1 Carbon Pin Tail Comb
Anti-static pin tail comb, for enhanced performance.
£ 3.20
(-31.25%) £ 2.20
Denman DCC5 Carbon Waver Comb
Anti-static waver comb, for enhanced performance.
£ 4.50
(-31.11%) £ 3.10
Denman DCC6 Carbon Rake Comb
Anti-static rake comb, for enhanced performance.
£ 3.00
Joewell Cutting comb - 7 1/2"
Available in three colours.
£ 2.00
Starflite SF55 Master Barber
Flexible plastic master barber comb
£ 2.00
Starflite SF939 Barber
Flexible plastic barber comb
£ 2.00
Starflite SF858 Cutting
Flexible plastic cutting comb
£ 2.80
Starflite SF43 Pin Tail
Flexible plastic pin tail comb
£ 15.20
Drumm flat topper
Comb to clipper over for an even finish.