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Shampoos, Conditioners and Colognes

Diamond Edge shampoos, both scented and specialist have been produced for many years and give reliable cleaning results time after time. Scented cologne sprays further enhance the range.
£ 7.00
(-50.00%) £ 3.50
Cleanine Scented Pet Perfumes, 100ml
Especially formulated to freshen and perfume your pet's coat.
£ 6.00
Diamond Edge Concentrated shampoo
Pure shampoo concentrate, without perfume or added colour.
£ 6.20
Diamond Edge Medicated shampoo
Top quality medicated shampoo with wintergreen.
£ 5.70
Diamond Edge Aloe Vera Shampoo
Shampoo with Aloe Vera for delicate skin.
£ 6.00
Diamond Edge Tea Tree Shampoo
Shampoo with Tea Tree for irritated skin.
£ 6.00
Diamond Edge De-tangling Shampoo
Top quality detangling shampoo.
£ 6.00
Diamond Edge Citronella shampoo
Shampoo with Citronella for use as an insect repellent.
£ 6.20
Diamond Edge Coat Conditioner
Top quality coat conditioner.
£ 5.80
Diamond Edge Professional Almond shampoo
Top quality shampoo, almond-scented.
£ 5.80
Diamond Edge Professional Apple shampoo
Top quality shampoo, apple-scented.
£ 6.20
Diamond Edge Professional Baby Powder shampoo
Top quality shampoo concentrate with Baby Powder fragrance.
£ 5.70
Diamond Edge Professional Coconut shampoo
Top quality shampoo, coconut-scented.