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Scissor Holsters

Some of the scissor holsters we sell are available in a choice of colours starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of colours available and prices.

£ 3.60
Joewell scissors oil pen
Fine bristles for lubricating scissors correctly.
£ 6.50
Diamond Edge scissors pouch
Padded scissor case made to hold 1 - 2 scissors
£ 2.40
Scissor sheath - large
For scissors over 5 1/2"
£ 4.50
Diamond Edge Single scissors pouch, black
Scissors pouch for 1 pair of scissors.
£ 2.20
Scissor rubber finger rings, pair
For comfortable grip on larger scissors.
£ 28.40
Root scissors storage
Innovative, practical scissors storage solution.
£ 12.70
Roseline scissors storage cube
Smart, practical and compact storage solution for scissors.
£ 10.00
Scissors storage cube
Compact storage solution for scissors
£ 19.70
Aeolus Scissors rack
Wall-mounted rack for 6 pairs of scissors.
£ 15.20
Haito Scissors case, black glitter
Practical, 2 compartment zip up scissors and small tool case.
£ 10.30
Haito Scissors Pouch, Black
Practical pouch to hold two pairs of scissors safely.
£ 10.30
Haito Scissors Pouch, Pink
Practical pouch to hold two pairs of scissors safely.