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Oster Clipper and Trimmer blades

Broad range of clipper blades for Oster clipper models including Pro 600i, Artisan, Mark I, Mark II, Pilot, Sculptor and Pro+ clippers and trimmers.
£ 33.30
Oster Pilot clipper blade - 000 fine
0.5mm. Will also fit Oster Mk 2 and 134 models.
£ 28.30
Oster Pilot clipper blade - coarse
3mm. Will also fit Oster Mk 2 and 134 models.
£ 42.50
Oster Pro 600i clipper blade
Replacement Pro 600i blade.
£ 32.00
Oster Ace trimmer blade
Replacement timmer blade.
£ 34.70
Oster 606 Pro Power spare blades
Replacement blade set.
£ 22.80
Oster O Baby/Artisan "T" blade, coarse tooth
Replacement T-shaped trimmer blade, coarse tooth.
£ 26.50
Oster O Baby/Artisan blade, narrow
Replacement narrow trimmer blade.
£ 18.50
Oster Sculptor, Pro+ blade, 000 0.25mm
Spare blade for Oster cordless clippers.
£ 17.50
Oster 197 T shaped blade
Spare blade for Oster cordless trimmers.