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NEW Dog Grooming items

£ 304.70
Andis Pulse ZR II Cordless clipper, Limited Edition purple
Professional Grade Super Duty cordless clippers in purple
£ 41.50
Andis Multitrim Cord/Cordless Dog Grooming Trimmer
Small cord/cordless trimmer bst for Paws, faces and light grooming
£ 301.10
Heiniger Saphir Cordless Clipper, Pink Paws
Eye-catching design for this powerful, professional cordless clipper.
£ 40.30
Aesculap Durati spare battery
Replacement battery pack.
£ 4.00
Cardinal Styptic Powder, 14g
To stop bleeding of nails if you catch the quick.
£ 5.80
Diamond Edge Professional Meadow Fresh shampoo
Concentrated shampoo with pleasant Meadow Fresh scent.
£ 6.00
Oster Waterless shampoo
Professional quality waterless shampoo for pets. 473ml.
£ 6.00
Oster Strawberry Conditioner
Professional conditioner, softens and shines. 473ml.
£ 11.10
Roseline scissors storage cube
Smart, practical and compact storage solution for scissors.
£ 20.20
(-1.49%) £ 19.90
Neutra Haze Odour Eliminating Pet Disinfectant, Baby Powder
Highly concentrated, effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses.
£ 4.10
Travel Poop Bag Holder with 15 bags
The biodegradable bags are the greenest way to clean up after your dog.