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Regulating Heating Power


Because infra-red heaters do not raise the ambient temperature appreciably, they cannot be controlled in the same way as a domestic heating system, which aims to keep the air temperature constant. However, a normal room thermostat can be used to switch the system on and off according to outside temperature conditions.

Individual heaters can be regulated up and down, if required, by using a dimmer switch as used to control the lighting level in a sitting room. In this way, a low level of heat can be provided in the daytime and full heat at night, for example, without the need for changing elements. The maximum rating of the heaters which may be controlled by each dimmer is 400 watts.

Another very satisfactory (and efficient) method of control is our Energy Regulator, which with 15 Amp capacity can control up to 3400W total of infra-red heaters – for example, 13 x 250W units or 17 x 200W and so on. The use of this unit is especially worthwhile for larger installations because electricity savings can be considerable.

Time-switches can, of course, also be used to switch the heating on and off at pre-set times and, again, a normal 15A time switch can control 3400W total of heaters.

The Wren Energy Regulator

Wren Energy Regulator

The Wren Energy Regulator provides a convenient means of adjusting the heat output of Wren Infra-Red Lamp from zero to the full rating of the element offering significant savings in running costs. This makes it possible to compensate day by day or hour by hour for varying weather conditions, and to save electricity when the full heat output is not needed. For example, if the unit is adjusted to a half setting, it will switch the heater on for 5 seconds, then off for 5 seconds, and so on. Since the element retains heat it will continue to radiate warmth, but will effectively halve the electricity consumption. As each installation is different, it will be necessary to determine the most effective regulator settings on-site, once the heaters are up and running.

One Regulator may be used to control one or several Wren units, up to a total load of 3000 Watts – e.g. 30 x 100W, 12 x 250W or 7 x 400W etc. The unit is supplied mounted in a standard 2-gang surface box to BS5733, and should be installed by an electrician or other competent person.

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