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Horse Grooming Clippers

A range of horse clippers from Aesculap, Lister & Liveryman.
£ 451.10
(-10.00%) £ 405.99
Aesculap Econom II
Premium quality mains-powered horse clipper with standard blade set
£ 506.40
Aesculap Econom CL
Powerful cordless horse clipper with standard blade set
£ 252.00
Liveryman Arena Horse Clipper
Powerful 130w clipper for the owner-rider.
£ 253.20
Lister Star Horse Clipper
Compact yet powerful clipper for the owner/rider.
£ 416.20
Lister Laser 2 Horse Clipper
Robust, heavy-duty clipper for the toughest workload.