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Heiniger Clipper Spares

£ 2.20
Heiniger Saphir Gear lever
Replacement drive lever for Heiniger Saphir clippers.
£ 3.20
Heiniger Opal Gear lever
Replacement drive lever for Heiniger Opal clippers.
£ 2.90
Heiniger Saphir/Opal drive lever seal
Replacement drive lever seal for Opal and Saphir clippers.
£ 3.70
Heiniger Saphir/Opal rubber strip
Replacement rubber strip for Opal and Saphir clippers.
£ 31.40
Heiniger Saphir Hinge and Latch assembly
Replacement blade fitting hinge & latch assembly.
£ 26.60
Heiniger Saphir Hinge
Replacement blade attachment hinge for Heiniger Saphir clippers
£ 6.20
Heiniger Saphir Latch
Replacement blade holding latch for Heiniger Saphir clippers.
£ 66.50
Heiniger Saphir spare battery
Replacement battery pack.
£ 82.30
Heiniger Saphir cable assembly
Cable and transformer for Saphir cordless clippers.
£ 40.10
Heiniger Saphir motor
Replacement motor assembly.
£ 42.70
Heiniger Saphir Circuit Board
Replacement circuit board.
£ 2.30
Heiniger Saphir switch contacts
Replacement switch contacts for Heiniger Saphir clippers.