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Hairdryers Holders & Diffusers.

£ 9.00
Hair Tools Professional Diffuser
Universal hairdryer diffuser.
£ 17.10
Free-standing Desktop Hairdryer holder
Quick and easy solution to keeping your hairdryer safe from slips and drops which can cause expensive damage.
£ 12.00
Wall mounting hairdryer holder
Simple ring holder. Diameter 8.7cm.
£ 24.50
Floor standing Hairdryer holder
Keep counter tops clear and uncluttered by keeping your dryer safe and securely held next to your workstation.
£ 11.80
Spiral hairdryer holder
A tapered, wall-mounting hairdryer holder.
£ 11.50
Recessed worktop hairdryer holder
For cutting into worktop. Diameter 6.7cm. Depth approx. 3.3cm.
£ 10.20
Recessed worktop tong holder
For cutting into worktop. Diameter 3.5cm. Depth approx. 4cm.