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Econom and Econom CL Horse clipper blades

Professional premium quality blades for horse clipper models listed above.
£ 49.90
Aesculap Econom II 502/501 blade
Standard 3mm long blade set
£ 38.00
Aesculap Econom II 504/503 blade
Medium tooth 3mm long blade set
£ 44.70
Aesculap Econom II 506/505 blade
Coarse tooth 3mm long blade set
£ 58.00
Aesculap Econom II 508/505 blade
Extra-fine tooth 0.1mm long blade set
£ 48.80
Aesculap Econom II 510/505 blade
Coarse tooth 5mm long blade set.
£ 51.80
Aesculap Econom II 511/501 blade
Fine tooth 1mm long blade set.