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Clipper & Blade Care Products

£ 4.50
Diamond Edge clipper oil - 125ml
Keep blades well lubricated for maximum life.
£ 13.50
Diamond Edge clipper oil - 500ml
Keep blades well lubricated for maximum life.
£ 4.10
Andis clipper oil 118ml
Keep clipper blades correctly lubricated for best performance
£ 7.30
Aesculap clipper oil - 90ml
Fine oil for lubricating clipper blades
£ 6.20
Wahl clipper Oil
Fine oil for clipper blades. 113ml, 4 oz.
£ 11.10
Andis Blade Care Plus spray
Spray on to blades to keep them clean, cool and lubricated
£ 11.00
Andis Blade Care Plus cleaning jar
Cleans and lubricates clipper blades for maximum life
£ 7.70
Wahl Hygienic spray
Disinfectant & cleaning spray for blades or scissors.
£ 10.40
Easy Clip aerosol clipper blade spray
Non-flammable lubricant spray for clipper blades.
£ 6.00
Aesculap BladeCool
Aerosol cooling, lubricating and cleaning spray for clipper blades
£ 10.50
Heiniger Blade Care spray 300ml
3 in 1 cleaning, cooling and lubricating spray for clipper blades.
£ 10.90
Oster Kool Lube
Aerosol lubricant spray for clipper blades.