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Ama & Gotta Scissors

Many of the scissors we sell are available in a choice of sizes and pattern finishes starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of sizes and patterns available and prices.
£ 45.80
AMA 65 thinning scissors
German thinning scissors single-serrated fine tooth.
£ 119.00
Ama Skera thinning/blending scissors
Top quality stainless steel blending scissors.
£ 39.00
Ama Apex Thinning scissors
Sleek, offset thinning scissors, stainless.
£ 81.50
AMA Fusion
High quality steel blades, available in a selection of sizes.
£ 152.00
AMA Yasaka Supreme
Chrome plated Japanese steel scissors, available in a selection of sizes starting from the price shown above.
£ 27.75
Ama Contour - 5"
German haircutting scissors, micro-serrated, stainless steel.
£ 93.50
Ama Noir Hairdressing scissors
Japanese steel blades with a jet black finish, available in a selection of sizes.
£ 56.00
High quality smooth feeling blades and cutting, available in a selection of sizes.
£ 38.00
Ama Silhouette Elite - 5 3/4"
Stainless steel offset haircutting scissors
£ 50.80
Ama Silhouette Black Hairdressing scissors
Stainless steel offset haircutting scissors.
£ 39.75
Ama Silhouette Elite thinning scissors
Stainless steel offset hair thinning scissors
£ 33.95
Ama Sky 5"
High quality offset bowed scissors, available in a selection of attractive finishes.