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Aeolus Dog Dryer spares

£ 10.00
Heavy Duty EU 3 pin plug
Heavy duty EU plug fitted to certain clippers and dryers
£ 5.60
Aeolus TD901 Air filter
Replacement foam filter.
£ 6.50
Aeolus TD901 Switch
Replacement motor/heat switch.
£ 14.40
Aeolus TD901 Carbon brushes
Replacement carbon brush set.
£ 51.30
Aeolus TD901 motor
Replacement motor assembly.
£ 65.00
Aeolus TD901GT Motor
Replacement motor assembly.
£ 41.90
Aeolus Hose with fittings
Replacement flexible hose with end fittings for blasters.
£ 29.00
Aeolus TD901 Replacement Hose
Replacement flexible hose for blasters.
£ 7.30
Aeolus Hose end fitting
Replacement hose end fitting for Aeolus basters.
£ 4.10
Aeolus C Clip
Replacement fixing clip for nozzle and dryer attachments.
£ 7.90
Aeolus Flat nozzle
Replacement flared nozzle for Aeolus blasters.