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Other Essentials

Many of the products we sell are available in a choice of sizes and quantities starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of sizes and/ or quantities available and prices.
£ 1.50
(-66.67%) £ 0.50
Dog Top knot elastic bands
Small rubber bands for poodles' top knots.
£ 4.10
Andis clipper oil 118ml
Keep clipper blades correctly lubricated for best performance
£ 10.00
Andis Blade Care Plus cleaning jar
Cleans and lubricates clipper blades for maximum life
£ 10.30
Andis Blade Care Plus spray
Spray on to blades to keep them clean, cool and lubricated
£ 9.90
Easy Clip aerosol clipper blade spray
Non-flammable lubricant spray for clipper blades.
£ 18.00
Salon & Grooming Parlour Floor Protector
130 x 150cm heavy duty and waterproof PVC sheet.
£ 6.80
Scissors Oil Pen
Fine nib for applying oil precisely.
£ 3.60
Joewell scissors oil pen
Fine bristles for lubricating scissors correctly.
£ 5.20
Clip Stop coagulant
To stop bleeding of nails if you catch the quick.
£ 4.60
Show Tech toothpaste, 85g
With fluoride to clean teeth and help prevent plaque build-up and gum infections.
£ 6.50
Whelping clamp - 5 1/4"
Smooth-jawed forceps with lock.
£ 1.80
(-72.22%) £ 0.50
Disposable umbilical clamp
Quick and easy clamp for the umbilical cord.