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Sharpening, Service and Repair

Diamond Edge Scissors Guarantee..

The Diamond Edge Brand Scissors Lifetime Guarantee

Our "Diamond Edge” brand has always been a guarantee of fine quality and our scissors fully maintain this standard. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our "Diamond Edge” brand scissors against manufacturing defects during the lifetime of the scissors, subject to and limited by the exceptions of normal wear and tear and any damage caused through accidental damage, misuse or lack of maintenance.

Caring For Your Diamond Edge Brand Scissors

As with any precision equipment a little easy maintenance of your scissors will ensure that optimum performance is maintained to extend their working life. When blades become dulled and blunt through use then having your scissors professionally sharpened will restore them to peak performance. "The Diamond Edge Scissor and Clipper Blade Sharpening Service” - will restore your scissors to health as well as conducting a maintenance check and replacing and screws and stoppers as required though normal wear and tear

Maintenance of Your Diamond Edge Brand Scissors

After use wipe the scissors clean with a soft cloth and apply a light coating of oil to the blades, a drop of oil to the head of the screw and under the joints, wiping off any excess oil. Oiling after use takes only a few moments and is particularly important for carbon steel scissors. Carbon steel is usually harder than stainless steel but is prone to corrosion, particularly if used or stored in humid conditions.

Store scissors in a closed position, preferably protecting the blades in a wallet or case,and either hang them or place them flat where they cannot be damaged. Avoid them being placed loose in a ‘toolbox’ where constant rifling for equipment can cause unnecessary damage.

Scissors Blade Damage.

If scissors are dropped during use or are knocked onto the floor they often land with the blades open and this is likely to result in a ‘nick’ in the blade edge.

With straight scissors this can be felt as a resistance when closing the blade and cause a ‘miss’ in the cutting action. Continuing to use may result in further damage and unsatisfactory cutting. Damage to the blade edge is repairable in most cases.

With thinning scissors a nick can cause the blades to ‘catch’ and not close at all. DO NOT force the scissors closed as this may cause more damage or result in a broken tooth. If thinning scissors catch and won’t close, gently lift the blades apart to clear the nick and close them, do not use them until you have had them repaired.

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Clipper and Dryer Service and Repair

Diamond Edge Clipper and Dryer Maintenance and Repair Service

To maintain your clippers and dryers in top working condition in a simple maintenance routine of following the manufacturers recommendations on use and care will keep your equipment in good working condition. However after prolonged use or perhaps accidental damage, professional help is required to restore your clippers or dryers performance.

At our workshops in Brighton we service and repair all types of clippers and dryers.

Clipper Service and Repair - If required we will give a quote for work required to service and repair clippers.

Stage 1 - Test and inspect clippers to determine faults or level of service required.
Stage 2 - Strip clippers down as necessary to clean and relubricate moving parts.
Stage 3 - Replace worn or damaged components.
Stage 4 - Reassemble clipper and run on test.
Stage 5 - Re-fit blades if included with clippers and check cutting performance.
Stage 6 - Carry out PAC test to ensure electrical safety.

Click here for the Diamond Edge Clipper Repair Service.

Dryers Serving & Repair – If required we will give a quote for work required to service & repair dryer.

Stage 1 – Test and inspect dryers to determine faults or level of service required.

Stage 2 – Strip dryers down as necessary to clean and relubricate moving parts.

Stage 3 – Replace worn or damaged components.

Stage 4 – Reassemble dryer and run on test.

Stage 5 – Carry out PAC test to ensure electrical safety.

Click here for the Diamond Edge Dryer Repair Service.

Clipper Care

Storage and maintenance – A little simple maintenance of your clipper will ensure that they work efficiently and safely without any problems.

After use brush away any hair from the blades and blade drive at the front of the clipper. Check and clean any air filters to maintain the airflow through the clipper and prevent overheating. Do not wind the cable around the clipper, but coil it loosely to prevent damage to the cable where it enters either the clipper or the plug. If you notice the cable is damaged or split, stop using the clippers immediately and have the cable repaired or replaced by an electrician or through our Repair Service. If you wish to carry out some routine maintenance of your clipper, the gear box, blade attachment assemblies and carbon brushes can and should be checked periodically to ensure they are not choked with hair, needing lubrication or are showing signs of wear and needing replacement.

If the clippers are in regular daily use and live out ready for use, we would suggest they are hung up or placed in a clipper holder to keep them safe and remove the risk of being knocked onto the floor and damaged.

Clipper Damage

If your clippers are dropped and you are not sure if they have been damaged, we would suggest the following; firstly, unplug from the supply and carry out a visual inspection of the clippers. If there is no immediate sign of damage to the clipper housing or blade assembly, it should be safe to plug in and switch on. However if the clippers make any unusual noises or do not work at all, switch off immediately and have them checked out by an electrician or other competent person. Even a clipper that appears to be working satisfactorily may have some internal damage which may cause other problems in time. If you are ever in any doubt about the safety of using a clipper which has been dropped, don’t use it, get it checked out. Click here for our Clipper Dryer and Repair Service.

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Scissor Sharpening and Clipper Blade Sharpening Service Advice

Scissor Sharpening and Clipper Blade Sharpening Service

Diamond Edge Scissor Sharpening and Clipper Blade Sharpening Service

Inevitably your scissors and clipper blades will require sharpening and, for best efficiency and performance, it is important to keep your tools in peak condition.

The Diamond Edge Scissor Sharpening Service restores the performance of your scissors and clipper blades. We sharpen scissors and sharpen clipper blades at our own dedicated workshop in Brighton using a multi-stage process to ensure that your valuable equipment is restored to peak performance.

Scissor Sharpening- We will endeavour to sharpen scissors of all types however, if we feel that sharpening your scissors may not be worthwhile for any reason, we will contact you for further instructions.

Stage 1- Strip down & inspect scissors for wear and damage.

Stage 2- Hollow grind scissor blades when necessary, clean joints and re-assemble.

Stage 3- Clean and polish scissors and screw.

Stage 4- Edge and hone the scissor blades.

Stage 5- Add micro-serrations to scissor blades as required**.

Stage 6- Replace worn or missing stoppers. Reset scissor handles to align tips.

Stage 7 - Polish tips to remove any roughness.

Stage8 - Test for performance and lubricate joints.

**Micro-serrations are, as the name suggests,very fine grooves machined into the cutting edges of your scissors, as can be seen in the picture below. They help to grip the hair and reduce blade "fatigue" when the cutting edges may begin to become dull through constant use. Many new scissors are now supplied with one scissor blade micro-serrated. When scissor sharpening, any existing serrations are inevitably removed, so should be specified if you wish them to be replaced.

blade micro serrated

Visit the Scissor Sharpening Service Ordering page now.

Clipper Blades Sharpening

We can sharpen clipper blades for most makes and models of clipper but, in the event of any queries,we will contact you for further instructions.

Stage 1- Identify clipper blade make and size for our reference.

Stage 2- Strip down and inspect clipper blade for wear and damage.

Stage 3- Clean and polish clipper blade to remove detritus from between the teeth.

Stage 4- Sharpen clipper blades on German lapping plate.

Stage 5- Clean, oil and re-assemble clipper blade, replacing worn or damaged parts.

Stage 6- Test clipper blade for cutting performance.

Visit the Clipper blade sharpening service page.

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