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My clippers get very warm and are noisy, which makes the dogs fidget when I am grooming, I am not a professional but I have four dogs of my own and like to keep them looking good. They work Ok but the noise is irritating is this normal?
    With four dogs your clippers will be getting a lot of use and whilst they will get warm with prolonged use, this should not be excessive. Most clippers will make a noise when working, but should not be excessively noisy as you describe. As you say, it is irritating and can also stress your dog. With extended use,wear and tear will occur that will reduce the effectiveness of the clippers and eventually they will require repair or replacement. From what you write, we would suggest that you have your clippers inspected and if appropriate serviced and the blades sharpened as necessary.Diamond Edge services all makes of clipper at our Brighton Workshop and we will be pleased to advise you on what work is required before taking any action. Visit our clipper servicing section to find out how we can help.