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How close should I cut my dogs coat, it’s a cocker spaniel and is always in the mud and bushes when out walking and sometimes difficult to clean, if I cut his coat short will it be OK?

Cocker spaniels have thick coats that may become matted and require regular brushing. Unless you intend to show your dog, your cocker will look good and be perfectly happy with a short coat. After washing, drying and combing through the coat,we would suggest that 7mm (size 5) clipper blade would be suitable although in winter in a slighter longer cut may be required. You need to consider how you want the coat to look and whether you want a ‘Skirt’,which will require more ongoing grooming or an all over short cut. It may be worth the time to take your pet to a professional groomer and discuss the different types of cut so that you get exactly what you want with a professional finish.