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Can you advise the safest way to trim the hair around my dog’s paws to help keep her clean, she is a lovely poodle but does get mucky in the garden?

As part of the grooming regime for your dog, regular trimming between toes and around the pads is essential to keep your pet in peak condition. Not all dogs will remain still during grooming so always use a pair of ball tip scissors for grooming your dogs' feet as these scissors have blunt ends and will not ‘Stab’ into the pad or toes if there are any sudden movements. Click here to see our range of safety scissors.

Do I need thinning scissors to groom Barney my 3 year old Alsatian we have just taken in from an elderly relative, he has not been groomed and his coat looks scruffy and straggly in places?

Alsatians coats are long and regular combing to rid the coat of tangles and loose hair is advisable. We would suggest a 30 tooth double-serrated thinning scissors to reduce the volume of coat without cutting it too short. Click here to view our range of dog grooming thinning scissors.

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How close should I cut my dogs coat, it’s a cocker spaniel and is always in the mud and bushes when out walking and sometimes difficult to clean, if I cut his coat short will it be OK?

Cocker spaniels have thick coats that may become matted and require regular brushing. Unless you intend to show your dog, your cocker will look good and be perfectly happy with a short coat. After washing, drying and combing through the coat,we would suggest that 7mm (size 5) clipper blade would be suitable although in winter in a slighter longer cut may be required. You need to consider how you want the coat to look and whether you want a ‘Skirt’,which will require more ongoing grooming or an all over short cut. It may be worth the time to take your pet to a professional groomer and discuss the different types of cut so that you get exactly what you want with a professional finish.

How do I cut my Dogs nails safely?

An active lifestyle for a dog in which hard surfaces are commonly used,will keep nails worn down naturally, but if a dog is mainly exercised on soft ground or as they become older and less active, their nails will get longer, as like humans they are constantly growing. You can view our range of nail grooming equipment here. Great care should be taken with cutting the nails of your dog and if you are unsure then we suggest you take your dog to a vet or professional Groomer.

How often should I bathe my dog?

The first point to make about bathing your dog is that it is usually for your benefit, as a dog would not naturally bathe, and most of the cleaning would be by its own tongue. Dogs have natural and essential oils in their coats which they require for warmth and also to stay dry, the amount of oil within a coat varies from breed to breed. However most dogs can benefit from a bath occasionally and dependent on what your nose is telling you about how strong your dog smells, a bath once a month would be the maximum requirement to maintain your pets coat in peak condition.

Always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner.See our Diamond Edge range of Dog Shampoos and Conditioners.