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Dog Grooming Scissors Advice

Scissors – Diamond Edge advises …..

When considering which scissors to buy there are a number of factors you will need to consider. What will the scissors be used for? Will the scissors be used infrequently or be in daily or constant use? Do you want scissors for a specific purpose? You also need to consider your comfort, the weight of the scissors and left-handed or right-handed, as some scissors are made specifically for left-handed users. What are the scissors made from? Premium scissors are made from harder steel and are therefore more suitable for heavy use, they retain their sharpness longer and can still be readily sharpened to extend their lifetime.

A professional dog groomer will require a range of scissors to ensure the best results and selecting the correct scissors for the right job will improve both your performance and satisfaction and give great customer service. At Diamond Edge we can offer bespoke scissors packages to suit your requirements and budget. Please contact us with your requirements.

Scissor Components

Dog Grooming Scissor Components


How to hold Scissors

The generally accepted ‘correct’ way to hold a pair of scissors is shown below; the first two fingers to rest on the shanks, the third finger is in the bow of the scissors with the little finger resting on the finger rest (if fitted) to provide additional control. The scissoring action is provided by moving the thumb.

how to hold scissors

However - there are a number of ways to hold your scissors and the important thing is to feel comfortable and in control when grooming. Before you start grooming for real, try different grips to see which feels most comfortable so that you feel confident to tackle any grooming job.

Left-Handed Scissors or Right-Handed Scissors

Many left-handed people find no problem in using right-handed scissors - in fact, become conditioned applying the correct pressure to get right-handed scissors to cut effectively. However, there are genuine left-handed scissors available which may be less tiring on the hand in regular use. Left-handed scissors have the blades reversed to ensure the correct grip and comfort during use. We stock some left-handed scissors and have other brands available to special order. View our full range of dog grooming scissors here.

Scissor Blades

While comfort and ease of use are very important, the key component of your scissors are the blades. The materials used in the manufacture of the scissors and the anticipated amount of use should be considered before purchase.

Blade Materials

There are a range of materials for scissor blades developed for either the occasional user or the professional dog groomer using their scissors regularly. The principal choices are:

Carbon steel scissors will provide good quality at competitive prices. Retains a good sharp edge, but will require some routine care. Carbon steel scissors will rust if stored in damp or humid conditions, so we recommend a wipe with fine oil after use and at the end of each working day to protect your scissors.

Stainless steel scissors are by far the most popular and forgiving of scissors in regular professional use. Good quality stainless steel scissors will provide the answer to the majority of grooming requirements.

High cobalt stainless steel scissors are the premium quality of scissors available. They have extremely hard steel blades to retain a fine cutting edge,and most are hand-honed for an exceptionally smooth action. Will reduce strain on the hand in use, particularly important for large, scissored breeds.

Types of Dog Grooming Scissors

Straight Scissors

straight dog grooming scissors

The most commonly used scissors, offering a wide range of sizes to suit all users for weight and blade length. Scissor sizes shown represent the overall length of the scissors, not the blade length.

Micro-serrations Scissors

micro serrated dog grooming scissors

Micro-serrations are, as the name suggests,very fine grooves machined into the cutting edges of your scissors, as can be seen in the picture above. They help to grip the hair and reduce blade "fatigue" when the cutting edges may begin to become dull through constant use. Many new scissors are now supplied with one blade micro-serrated. When sharpening, any existing serrations are inevitably removed, so should be specified if you wish them to be replaced. We can also micro-serrate new un-serrated scissors if required, please specify when ordering.

Thinning Scissors

30 tooth thinning scissors

30 tooth, double-serrated thinning scissors

Thinning scissors are used to lighten a heavy coat by removing some of the density of the coat, they may also be used for blending different lengths of coat without the defined edges which can be left with straight scissors.

Thinning scissors come in double or single-serrated versions and generally come in three tooth pitches, fine, medium and coarse. View our full range of thinning scissors here. 

Double or single-serrated-Double-serrated thinning scissors (as shown above)have teeth on both blades and will generally take out less coat and leave a more natural, feathered finish. Single-serrated thinning scissors have teeth on one blade and one plain blade. The plain blade may be used to lift the coat, prior to cutting.

46fine tooth scissors- remove more coat than coarser tooth scissors.Ideal for use on fine silky coats. Only available in single-serrated version, as the teeth would not line up if double-serrated.

30 medium tooth scissors- Recommended for dog grooming beginners. Ideal for use on medium weight coats. Available in double or single-serrated versions.

24 coarse tooth scissors-For use with heavy or dense coats. Available in double or single-serrated versions.

Curved Blade Scissors

curved blade thinning scissors

Curved blade scissors are manufactured to curve gently along the length of the blade, allowing easier shaping of the coat, as the shaped blades follow the contours of the body.

Bent Shank Scissors

bent shank thinning scissors

Bent shank scissors are manufactured with a bend in the shanks of the scissors to allow the blades to run parallel with the body, keeping your fingers out of the way.

Rounded Tip Safety Scissors

rount tip thinning scissors

Rounded or ball-tipped scissors are used for safely grooming delicate areas such as the face and feet. Particularly useful for trimming between the pads, especially for active dogs. Straight and curved blades available.

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Looking for scissors to cut poodles 5in or 51/2

Diamond Edge says: Many thanks for your enquiry. We offer a wide range of scissors of all sizes, from 4.5" up to 10" - the overall length of the scissors is from the tip to the end of the handles, not the blade length. Prices range from about £20 up to hundreds of pounds depending on your preference and budget, but they can all be found in our online shop.
Posted By: Pat - 21 May 2018 18:46

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