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STR Hairdressing Scissors

Many of the scissors we sell are available in a choice of sizes starting from the price shown. Click on "See all Options" to see full range of sizes available and prices.

£ 31.20
(-14.74%) £ 26.60
STR Valenteeno Haircutting scissors, 5.5"
Attractive offset scissors for slice cutting and precision point work.
£ 36.50
STR Kinboshi Haircutting scissors
Japanese steel scissors "golden star" series.
£ 36.50
STR Wakusei Haircutting scissors
Japanese steel scissors "Planet" series.
£ 17.50
STR Slicing Haircutting scissors, 5.5"
Great value, an ideal student pair of scissors.
£ 37.60
STR Midnight, offset
Great price and quality in a satin black finish