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Dog Grooming Clippers

Not sure which dog grooming clipper to buy? Read our handy guide to help you buy the right clipper.
Look after your clipper blades for an optimum life span - read our guide on clipper blade care.

Aesculap Dog Grooming Clippers

Aesculap Dog Grooming ClippersShop for Aesculap dog grooming clippers - still considered to be one of the best in the range at Diamond Edge,

Andis Dog Grooming Clippers

Andis Dog Grooming ClippersShop for Andis dog grooming clippers, quiet and slim for a comfortable hold. Shop now!

Wahl & Moser Dog Grooming Clippers.

Wahl & Moser Dog Grooming Clippers.Shop for the popular Wahl & Moser dog grooming clippers.

Oster Dog Grooming Clippers

Oster Dog Grooming ClippersShop for Oster dog grooming clippers  - the most widely used clipper for both professional and veterinary use.

Heiniger Dog Grooming Clippers

Heiniger Dog Grooming ClippersShop for Heiniger dog grooming clippers - cordless and corded clippers made with Swiss precision.

Thrive Dog Grooming Clippers

Thrive Dog Grooming ClippersShop the full range of Thrive dog grooming clippers - available for professional or domestic grooming.

Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers

Cordless Dog Grooming ClippersGroom with freedom with our range of cordless dog & pet grooming clippers.

Pet Grooming Clippers

Pet Grooming ClippersCheck out the full range of clippers suitable for the grooming of dogs, cats and other pets.

Horse Grooming Clippers

Horse Grooming ClippersShop our range of horse grooming clippers - perfect for professionals or horse owners & riders.

Hand Clippers & Shears

Hand Clippers & ShearsShop our range of hand clippers and shears - the perfect option for more timid pets!

Clipper & Blade Care Products

Clipper & Blade Care ProductsDog grooming clipper care products and clipper blade products to take care of your equipment.