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Dog Nail Grooming

Dog Grooming nail tools available at Diamond Edge

We provide a wide range of tools to make pet's nail grooming effortless

Cutting your pets' nails hasn't been easier

Pet's nails have always been a rather difficult part of them to groom, however with our wide selection of nail tools ranging from clippers to files, grinding wheels to scissors - some of which avaliable in an array of colours - it has never been so efficient nor satisfying as it is with these pieces of specialist equipment.

Want to do your own nails? We also have Manicure Tools for human usage too!

£ 27.50
Dog paw care kit
Paw trimmer, safety scissors, nail clippers and Clip Stop to stop bleeding.
£ 8.95
Small nail nipper - 4"
Quality German nail nipper.
£ 9.75
Medium nail nipper - 4 3/4"
Quality German nail nipper.
£ 15.25
Large nail nipper - 5 1/4"
Quality German nail nipper with strong box joint for tough nails.
£ 24.25
Resco Pro-series dog nail cutter - 6"
Strong "Pliers" style nail cutter.
£ 18.95
Resco Pro-series dog nail cutter - 5"
Strong "Pliers" style nail cutter.
£ 12.50
Doggyman nail clipper - 5"
Small but effective nail clippers.
£ 9.75
Comfort Line nail clipper - 6 1/2"
Great value 6.5" nail clippers.
£ 7.75
Comfort Line nail clipper - 5"
Great value 5" nail clippers.
£ 9.75
Andis Nail clipper - 6 1/2"
Heavy duty nail clipper for all sizes of dog.
£ 5.75
Claw scissor - 4"
Small pair of scissors for trimming claws of small dogs and puppies.
£ 6.50
Dew claw scissor - 4"
Small curved blades for cutting dew claws.