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Hairdressing Combs

Buy Hairdressing combs at Diamond Edge

Our range of Hairdressing combs includes many different brands suited for various different hair types

How to choose my Hairdressing combs?

Our range of hairdressing combs are both affordable and of the highest quality - ideal for professional or home usage and doubles up as a great gift. We stock specialist brands such as Kent and Mason Pearson, guarenteed to be exactly what you need.

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Matador Hairdressing Combs

Matador Hairdressing CombsThese top quality saw-cut hand-finished vulcanite professional combs are beautifully smooth in use. Save 10% off 12 or more combs. Click here to see our available range.

Mason Pearson Hairdressing Combs

Mason Pearson Hairdressing CombsMason Pearson combs are made by hand, using traditional techniques for smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips. Click here to browse our wares.

Kent Hairdressing Combs

Kent Hairdressing CombsKent combs are made by hand, cut from large sheets of cellulose acetate with saw-cut teeth, producing a truly gentle comb. Click here to see what sizes and types they are available in.

Value and Specialist Hairdressing Combs

Value and Specialist Hairdressing CombsA range of specialist hairdressing combs such as flat top combs, afro combs, pin tail combs and other cutting combs.