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Scissor Care Guide

Scissor Care

Storage and maintenance-As with any precision equipment a little simple
maintenance of your scissors will ensure that optimum performance is maintained
to extend their working life.

use wipe the scissors clean with a soft cloth and apply a light coating of oil
to the blades, a drop of oil to the head of the screw and under the joints,
wiping off any excess oil. Oiling after use takes only a few moments and is
particularly important for carbon steel scissors. Carbon steel is usually
harder than stainless steel but is prone to corrosion, particularly if
used or stored in humid conditions.

scissors in a closed position, preferably protecting the blades in a wallet or
case,and either hang them or place them flat where they cannot be
damaged. Avoid them being placed loose in a ‘toolbox’ where constant rifling
for equipment can cause unnecessary damage.

Scissors Blade Damage

scissors are dropped during use or are knocked onto the floor they often
land with the blades open and this is likely to result in a 'nick' in the blade

straight scissors this can be felt as a resistance when closing the blade and
cause a ‘miss’ in the cutting action. Continuing to use may result in further
damage and unsatisfactory cutting. Damage to the blade edge is repairable in
most cases.

thinning scissors a nick can cause the blades to ‘catch’ and not close at
all. DO NOT force
the scissors closed as this may cause more damage or result in a broken tooth.
If your thinning scissors catch and won’t close, gently lift the blades apart
to clear the nick and close them, do not use them until you have had them

The Diamond Edge Sharpening and Repair service will help maintain your scissors and prolong their life.

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