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Hairdressing Brushes

Mason Pearson Hairdressing Brushes

Mason Pearson Hairdressing BrushesMason Pearson of London make probably the world's finest pneumatic hairbrushes. We offer a range of models in pure bristle, bristle/nylon mix and nylon versions. We stock most sizes in a choice of colours - dark ruby, white, pink or blue. Click here to find the right Mason Pearson for you.

Kent Hairdressing Brushes

Kent Hairdressing BrushesKent hairbrushes are confident they offer the most complete and effective hairbrush collection in the world. Click here to see our full range of Kent brushes.

Isinis Hairdressing Brushes

Isinis Hairdressing BrushesIsinis brushes are of fine quality with an excellent range of pneumatic brushes. Made in France. Click here to see our full range.

Denman Hairdressing Brushes

Denman Hairdressing Brushes"Preferred by Professionals". We carry a selection of Denman brushes including special designed patterned versions. Click here to explore our available range of Denman brushes.