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Oster A5 Spares

£ 14.50
Oster A5 single speed service kit
Commonly used parts for maintaining your clipper
£ 4.60
Oster clippers A5/97 carbon brushes
Pair of replacement carbon brushes.
£ 3.50
Oster A5/97 gear lever
Replacement drive lever.
£ 2.00
Oster A5/97 gear link
Replacement gear link.
£ 10.80
Oster A5 (single speed)/97 gear wheel
Replacement gear wheel for single speed clippers ONLY.
£ 8.50
Oster A5 hinge
Replacement blade attachment hinge for Oster A5 clippers.
£ 2.30
Oster A5 latch
Replacement blade holding latch for Oster A5 clippers.
£ 3.20
Oster A5/Oster 97 air filters (2)
Pair of replacement air filters, black colour.
£ 2.40
Oster A5/97 socket for blade
Replacement blade socket for all Oster A5 and Oster 97 clipper blades.
£ 1.10
Oster A5/97 guide for blade
Replacement plastic blade guide for all Oster A5 and Oster 97 clipper blades.
£ 7.20
Oster A6 Drive Lever
Replacement drive lever for Slim & Comfort models.